White Widow Marijuana Strain Review: Benefits And Side Effects

White widow probably sounds like something out of a Marvel comic. You’re probably wondering whether or not this strain is going to cause you to climb walls like Spiderman. While it might not deliver that much energy, the strain is indeed a good choice for this specific purpose. It is a hybrid that was first bred by Green House Seeds in the Netherlands. Since then, White Widow has grown more and more popular. Today, it is one of the most popular strains. If you walk down the Dutch streets, you’re going to see White Widow in pretty much every coffee shop up and down the block.

About White Widow

Now, you should delve deeper into the history of White Widow. This is one of the most popular strains in the world. It is a cross between South Indian indica and Brazilian sativa landrace. It was created by Green House Seeds, which is based out of the Netherlands. The strain was created sometime in the 1990s. When you take a look at White Widow, you’re going to immediately see how the bud got its name. It will feature white buds with crystal resin. This is also going to tell you that the bud is going to deliver very potent effects.

Benefits Of White Widow

Now, it is time to learn about the effects of smoking White Widow. What are you going to experience when you take a buff of White Widow and allow the smoke to fill your lungs? First and foremost, you should know that the main perk associated with White Widow is happiness. This strain is capable of turning your day upright and getting you back on the right back. It is also a good choice for those looking to enter a euphoric state. It’ll put a smile on your face and make you happy all day long. Finally, White Widow can also help boost creativity. This combination of perks makes White Widow a good choice for artists and musicians.

Potential Side Effects

There are a few potential side effects linked to White Widow. The good news is that they’re not going to make you go insane or anything like that. You shouldn’t have to worry too much about dizziness, anxiousness or paranoia. Those side effects are possible but very rare. The most common side effect linked to this strain is dry mouth. Dry eyes will be another possible problem. Thankfully, it isn’t too difficult to fight off these problems. Just take precautions before smoking White Widow and you’ll be good to go.

Who Should Smoke White Widow?

White Widow is a pretty versatile marijuana strain that can offer a little of something to everyone. It is a good choice for people who work stressful jobs. After the work day has concluded, White Widow will be just the thing you need to calm your nerves and help you relax comfortably. The strain is also a good option for creative individuals such as writers, artists and musicians. Since the risks are so slim, everyone should give this strain a try at least once.

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