Where To Buy Legal CBD Flower: Companies Reviewed

You have probably noticed that as of late the hemp and CBD market has reached an all-time high. It is estimated that within the next decade the market will become a multi-billion dollar industry. Of course, this is a good thing for hemp users. More and more people are not only being made aware of the great effects that hemp can produce, but the product is becoming more and more readily available thanks to the Farmers Bill that was passed in 2014. The only problem with this scenario is that more and more companies are getting into the industry and they are not all legit. Some use scrupulous methods to get their products out there faster so they can make more money, while others take special care with their products. So, which companies can be trusted?

CBD Hemp Direct

It is hard to do a CBD or hemp search and not find the company CBD Hemp Direct. They offer a variety of strains and they offer them in different amounts. You can find anything from a five-gram package to a thirty-gram package. So, what can be said about their products? The first thing that should be noted about the company is that they get a ten out of ten when it comes to shipping. CBD Hemp Direct sends all their flowers out in a foil like plastic package, which comes sealed inside a standard priority mail paper envelope. This not only gives your concealment, but it ensures foil packaging ensures that your flowers stay fresh during delivery. All their products usually arrive on time as well.

As far as presentation of their products goes, you could say that it is very simple and nice. The actual package that the flower is in is smell proof and can be re-sealed for complete freshness. This is a much better packaging system that what you will find from other companies. If you hit up the company’s website and look at some of their flower pictures, you will find that they look dark and low in quality. However, when you take the buds out of the package, you will be in for quite the surprise. Not only do the buds look tasty, but also they will be nice in size and undamaged.

The moisture content of their flowers is excellent. You will not find any crispy or dry buds. Another thing you will notice right away is that the buds are covered in trichomes, which makes them sticky right down to the touch. The only downside with the quality of the buds was that they were somewhat seedy. However, this might not be considered a bad thing for individuals that are looking to grow their own crop. You will probably find right anywhere from ten to fifteen seeds in a one-gram bud.

When you get the buds, you will notice that they don’t give off much of a smell, but that will change as soon as you start breaking them up. This is when the smell with comes to life. When it is all said and done CBD Hemp Direct is a quality company that really cares about their product and customer. Their attention to detail and growing methods will be hard to match.

Dr. Ganja

With a name like Dr. Ganja you know this company is going to stand out in the market. This is a company that got its start in 2009 in West Hollywood. In fact, this was one of the very first offices in the area with a board certified MD who was passionate about using marijuana to treat certain conditions. The office still stands to this day and they have seen more than 25,000 patients since their opening. However, what has changed is that they are now trying to spread the message worldwide and have recently opened an online business that offers CBD hemp flowers to the market. So, what can be said about their products and quality?

Well, before you learn about the quality of the product the first thing that you need to know is that Dr. Ganja offers something that is completely unique. They offer what is known as an affiliate program. This means that you can actually sign up and help them sell their product. Each time you make a sale a portion of that sell will be deposited into an e-wallet. This is a pretty great offer, as it means that you can literally keep yourself well supplied in hemp flowers by making enough sales each month.

When Dr. Ganja ships out their flowers it will also arrive in an inconspicuous package. The flowers will come double wrapped inside an air sealed bag that will then be wrapped inside a mylar bag. This ensures privacy and concealment of smell. The company offers a variety of strains in a variety of sizes, but as far as the Cascade flower goes it gave off quite a good presentation. The 3.5-gram product can in three good-sized nuggets that resembled something of a weeping willow. The buds contained long and wiry leaves that possessed a wintergreen hue wrapped in a colorful presentation of orange hairs. Needless to say, the flowers will extremely beautiful and looked just like you would expect them to.

One of the things that you will notice right away is that there are no seeds in their product whatsoever. Once again, this might be considered a bad thing for some people. The smell of the product was kinds of disappointing. When you first remove the flower from the package, you will notice that there is no smell at all. However, when you break the buds up there is somewhat of an aromatic smell, but it isn’t as potent as what you would expect. The Cascade strain gave off a grassy and hay-like smell, which will be more discreet when smoking.

The taste will be quite pleasing and at the end of the day, you really cannot go wrong with a Dr. Ganja CBD flower.

420 CBD Hemp Direct

420 CBD Hemp Direct is such a fitting name for a company in the hemp market, but do their products stand up with the quality standards of the name? Well, the first thing you need to know about the company is that their products are actually grown and cultivated indoors. All their flowers are grown in a greenhouse surrounding with a completely controlled environment. Everything is handled with love and care. From the trimming of the flower to the curing process, you will find that the end product really shows that the company cares about their product.

When you order their products they will be shipped out of Florida and you don’t have to worry about a big 420 CBD Hemp Direct sticker showing up on your package. When they ship out the product they ship it out under the name HF Direct, so that’s low key enough to keep you under the radar. One thing that really sets this company apart is that they shop out their flowers in a glass jar. Instead of a regular package or a re-sealable package, you will actually get a unique little glass jar.

Upon opening the jar you will get that traditional industrial hemp smell with a bit of skunk. The buds do looks amazing. Very nicely trimmed with a bit of a frosty look from the crystallization. The buds will give off almost a golden texture. When breaking up the buds, you will probably find a seed or two here and there. The tastes of their buds are extremely smooth and pleasing with a somewhat of a berry taste. All said and done, 420 CBD Hemp Direct is a legit company that produces a quality product.

CBD 420

Here is another company with a fitting name in the industry. This first thing that should be noted about this company is that they are willing to offer an affiliate program as well. You can become a partner and sell their products for a share of the profit. This is something certainly worth considering. The CBD 420 dispatch center is located in Switzerland, which means it might take a little while before your shipment arrives if you are located in the States. However, the company does possess the ability to shop worldwide.

The company really goes through a lot of trouble to make sure that your products are concealed from the peering eyes of the public and postman. Your buds will arrive in a non-descript package that is impervious of smell. One great thing that can be said about CBD 420 is that they have a very dedicated and highly trained customer service staff. You can get in touch with them anytime before or after making a purchase. You can even reach out to them if you have a simple question.

It seems that the company really cares about manufacturing and distributing only the highest of quality flowers. And, this will be pretty evident when your shipment arrives, as the flowers will be packed with a profile of cannabinoids. They contain everything from CBD to CBN, CBG and more. Every one of their flowers is analyzed and tested in an ISO CEI 17205 certified lab. This guarantees quality and quality in every shipment. When it is all said and done this company appears to be on the up and up and really cares about delivering high quality flowers to their customers.

Blue Forest Farms

When it comes to buying high-quality CBD flower, there is no better brand than Blue Forest Farms. This company is known for its superior full spectrum, high CBD strains, including seed and flower. It performs testing on all of its CBD products and the results for these tests are available on the company’s website. According to these results, Blue Forest Farms’ hemp flower varietals contains between 15 and 18 percent CBD.

For consumers looking for hand-shucked, boutique-grade flower, Blue Forest Farms is highly recommended. The company guarantees its CBD flower and other CBD-based products. However, to receive a full refund the product must be returned unopened. So, you will have no opportunity to test the flower before you return it for a full refund.


SwissCBD is another reputable company that sells CBD flower. However, this company is unique as it offers a variety of CBD flowers, including RudeStein, Lemon Haze, Strawberry, Therapy and NLX, all of which are indoor culture. Testing results for each CBD flower are listed on the company’s website. Depending on your needs and preferences, you will have the option of buying CBD flower with a THC content as low as 0.5 percent and as high as 0.9 percent. The CBD content for these flowers ranges from 13 to 20 percent.

SwissCBD claims that its CBD flowers are locally grown in pesticide-free environments. The company offers fast, secure shipping and unmarked packaging to protect their customers’ privacy.

Mountain Grades

Mountain Grades, a Switzerland-based company, sells CBD flowers with a CBD content ranging from 10 to 21 percent. The company claims that its cannabis Indica strains are 100 percent organic indoor grown, with a THC content ranging from 0.3 to 0.8 percent, which is not psychoactive. The buds are manually harvested to protect their integrity and range in size from small to medium consisting of little to no seeds.

Mountain Grades CBD Buds Indica strains are very potent and rich, but very smooth. The company lists the testing results for all of its CBD flower products on its website.

Goddess Delivers

Goddess Delivers has a limited selection of CBD flowers that are pesticide-free. However, the company offers one of the purest CBD flowers that is deemed Cherry Wine. This particular CBD flower has a 20:1 CBD ratio, which is slightly higher than what is offered by some of the company’s competitors. The company offers a Charlotte’s Web flower with a CBD ratio of 4:1.

Customers can choose from sizes ranging from 1 to 28 grams. The prices are fairly reasonable, with a 1-gram container costing $13.00 and 28-gram container $300. The small, narrow buds do not contain trichomes because of their low THC content, according to the company.

Goddess Delivers flowers are greenhouse grown by Funxional Farms. The company currently only sells to California residents with medical marijuana cards, but expects this restriction to be lifted in the near future.

Mr. Hemp

Mr. Hemp claims to sell “high-class” CBD flowers with a CBD content of about 20 percent. The company offers two different strains, including Hofhanf Hazel and Arture, both of which are grown indoors in an organic environment. Hofhanf Hazel contains 18.6 percent and 0.89 percent THC. Arture contains 21 percent CBD and 0.8 percent THC.

Mr. utilizes ecological cultivation that does not utilize chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. This process does not rely on artificial genetic modifications.

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