Trainwreck Marijuana Strain Review: Benefits And Side Effects

When you hear the work train wreck, you probably expect something bad to happen pretty soon. This may not actually be the case if you’re talking about the train wreck marijuana strain. It offers a wealth of benefits and will prove to be the very best marijuana strain for many individuals. Just remember that this strain can potentially cause some negative side effects and that will make it off limits for some. So, what are you going to get out of the train wreck strain? You’ll find out in the review below.

About TrainWreck

Trainwreck is actually a hybrid blend that is known for its mind-bending effects. It can even provide the user with powerful sativa effects. Why is it called Trainwreck? When something this specific strain of marijuana, some people argue that the effects hit them like a freight train. In order to create this North Californian strain, it was essential to combine the Thai and Mexican sativas with Afghani indicas. The combination obviously worked exceptionally well. The Trainwreck strain is popular for many reasons that benefits it can deliver are immense. More about those benefits will be provided below.

Trainwreck Benefits

A lot of people can benefit from the trainwreck strain. After all, the benefits that it can deliver are immense and diverse. When using this strain, many people are going to feel a euphoria. They may also become more creative and happier. Trainwreck is also very popular, because it can help fight off certain pains, especially those linked to arthritis and migraines. Trainwreck has a very high THC content and that makes it a good option for people who are dealing with PTSD, ADD or ADHD. It can also be used to combat anxiety. Trainwreck can typically be harvest within 8 weeks after flowering. That makes it beneficial for growers and users.

Potential Side Effects

While Trainwreck can indeed deliver a lot of benefits, it does some with come slight drawbacks. The most notable is the fact that this strain is going to cause intense dry mouth. If you smoke a lot of Trainwreck, you can pretty much guarantee that you’re going to be walking around with cotton mouth. Some people have reported experiencing paranoia with Trainwreck, but that is few and far in between. If you’re going to be smoking this strain of marijuana, you need to make sure that you have candy and liquids nearby. Otherwise, your dry mouth will drive you insane.

Who Can Benefit From Trainwreck?

There are plenty of people who should think about using the Trainwreck strain at some point or another. It poses little risk. After all, the potential side effects are slim to none. At the same time, the benefits are astounding. This strain can indeed help a lot of people. It is a must for anyone who is dealing with the impacts of PTSD. It can also help people suffering from intense pain, ADD and ADHD. As long as you have candy on hand, you won’t have to worry about those minor side effects.

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