Special Sauce CBD Flower Strain: Benefits And Side Effects

As a hemp connoisseur have probably no doubt recognized that the market is currently hotter than it ever has been. More and more individuals are growing aware of everything that this powerful flower has to offer. Not only is partaking in CBD flower extremely relaxing, but consumption can come along with many reliefs and benefits. That being said, due to the popularity of the flower people are starting to branch out and grow different strains. One strain that people have been raving about recently is the Special Sauce strain. So, what can be said about this strain and what does it really have to offer the user?

The Presentation Of The Bud

It should be noted that Special Sauce can be purchased from a number of suppliers and every supplier is different. However, there are certain suppliers that will package this strain in a unique way. Each gram will be packaged in a plain, small smell proof zipper baggie. Some companies will package all the grams together in a smell proof package. At first glance, you will notice that the buds are extremely enticing. They look exactly like you would expect them to look. They have the right amount of green and crystallization to give off the perfect presentation. However, one thing should be noted there really aren’t any orange hairs like you would expect. Instead, they are more like brown hairs, but this doesn’t really hurt the overall presentation of the flower.

The Smell Test

Besides presentation, the smell is probably the next biggest concern to any hemp user. When you open the packaging, you will notice that Special Sauce smells great. However, there are some specifics that really do make it stand out amongst the competition. It gives off a very sweet and floral smell. It should also be noted that you might detect some hints of gas and diesel in the strain. Of course, this might vary depending on where you are shopping. When you begin breaking up the buds your smell senses will really notice the floral scents. The flowers are also somewhat sticky. Not to the point of being incredibly just, but just the right amount of stickiness. The Special Sauce strain is high in terpenes that can be found in fruit rinds and skins.

The Benefits Of Special Sauce

The best thing about the Special Sauce strain is that it offers a combination of eighteen percent CBD with a .03 percent THC. This combination really packs quite the punch and can be instantly relaxing and calming when consumed. The strain really is known for producing feelings of tranquil and mellowness. Anyone looking for a mood enhancer or looking for an overall release of nerves really could benefit from the Special Sauce strain. The strain will certainly put a smile on your face and leave you wanting more.

The Side Effects Of Special Sauce

Just like every substance on the market, there is always a chance of unwanted side effects. Luckily hemp offers a low chance of side effects since it is a natural flower. However, some individuals have experienced unwanted side effects when partaking in the Special Sauce strain. The effects varied, but they ranged anywhere from headaches to stomach aches. Some people even experienced irritations in the throat.

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