Lifter Industrial Hemp Below .3 Delta 9 THC

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Organically grown pesticide free in the beautiful and tranquil area of Calhan, Colorado. The Lifter is a delicious smelling CBDflower. This hemp flower has a sweet and spunky aroma. It contains a very high 13.7 CBD%. Airy and fluffy nugs bring thoughts of being lifted away.

It meets and exceeds expectations as well as our 7 point inspection process. We put our premium CBD hemp flower products through rigorous 3rd party testing. As always, our 7 point inspection process includes moisture content, terpene analysis, potency analysis, foreign matter inspection, mycotoxin screening, heavy metal screening, and pesticide residue analysis.

The lifter is under .3%THC delta 9 in accordance with Farm Bill sec. 7606 of The Agricultural Act of 2014.

3 reviews for Lifter Industrial Hemp Below .3 Delta 9 THC

  1. Deeyn Crane

    Lifter REALLY lifts you up this world be a HIGH sativa strain. Clear minded and focused, most of all you’re happy and energetic! Happy with my purchase and will buy again at CBDFlowerUSA.

  2. Griff Prestwhich

    Lifter is one of my favorite stains. I’ve tried Lifter from a few different vendors and CBDFlowerUSA always stands out. The flower glistens with trichromes on the inside out. I hope you guys keep increasing the potency on flower, the stronger the better. The shipping and prices are on point.

  3. Iggie Drew

    Good quality and price. Not much more that needs to be said.

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