Presidential OG CBD Flower Strain: Benefits And Side Effects

Hemp is a plant that has been around for a long time and ever since its discovery people have been taking advantage of it for its powerful healing properties. Despite its growing popularity and ability to offer tons of benefits, there are some people out there that are just discovering the plant for the very first time. These people aren’t aware of the fact that hemp can be bred in different strains. These different strains will contain different compounds that will provide relief for different symptoms. For instance, since strains are specifically designed to treat pain, while others were designed to treat anxiety and depression. So, what can be said about the Presidential OG strain and kind of benefits does it offer?

Great Taste

There are many people that love nothing more than a good tasting strain. And, this is one area where the Presidential OG strain excels. Given that this strain is a heavy indica that was crossed between the Bubble Gum strain and Kush strain it has any excellent taste. With a sweet and piney flavor profile, this strain will be perfect for anyone that is concerned with taste.

Clears Your Head

Life is no doubt tough and a stressful everyday job on top of being a full-time parent only adds to the stress. Sometimes this is enough to give an individual a nervous breakdown. However, this is where the Presidential OG strain could come in handy. This strain offers a type of clearheaded euphoria. Whether you are looking to clear your head or just looking to get away from the stresses of everyday life, this strain offers what you need.

Quick Reaction Time

When it comes to dealing with chronic pain and other pain symptoms there are times when you need instant relief. Sure taking a pain pill might provide relief from these symptoms, but how long does it take for a pain pill to work its way through your system? It takes at least anywhere from fifteen to thirty minutes. This is where the Presidential OG strain could really be handy. The strain was specifically designed to be fast acting so that the effects provide almost instant relief. When you are hurting and need relief right away turn to the Presidential strain.

Puts You To Sleep

Sleep is extremely important when it comes to maintaining a healthy and normal life. Without the right amount of sleep, it will not only impact your mentally, but it will eventually impact your physically. Some individuals suffer from sleep disorders that prevent them from getting the right amount of sleep. For some of these conditions, there really is no treatment besides medications that make you sedative and greatly change your mood. Or, at least that was the case until you discovered the Presidential OG strain.

Side Effects

Yes, the Presidential strain seems too good to be true, but users should know that it does come along with some potential side effects. Not everyone will experience these side effects and some might even experience them more severe than others. These side effects can include anything from headaches to diarrhea, lightheadedness, dizziness, and even an upset stomach.

Laszlo McCarthy
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