Pineberry CBD Flower Strain: Benefits And Side Effects

The hemp world is packed with different manufacturers and different strains. It has already been scientifically proven that hemp offers many benefits. However, it should also be noted that each different strain and each different manufacturer also has different things to offer users. One manufacturer that has been garnering a lot of attention as of late is Dr. Ganja. And this popularity is probably coming from his Pineberry strain. So, what does this strain have to offer and how can you benefit from it?

Discreet Shipping

It is completely true that hemp is legal in all fifty states, but this doesn’t mean that some people will still look down on you for consuming the substance. Dr. Ganja understands this and that is why he ships his Pineberry strain out in discreet packaging. The labeling is completely generic and emits no smell whatsoever. The Pineberry buds will be concealed in airtight bags that will keep the smell from seeping out.

Proper Testing

Another thing that should be noted about the Pineberry strain is that it is third-party tested. It is not only tested for pesticides, but it also tested for potency. Unfortunately, this is not a procedure that all manufacturers are willing to adhere to and this is just one reason the hemp market is getting a bad name.

Appearance And Quality Of The Flowers

When it comes to appearance and quality the Pineberry really takes the cup. Not only do the buds range from small to large in size, but also the look exactly like you would expect. The little white crystals are vast amongst the ocean of green, yellow, and orange. It is worth it to just take a moment to admire the beauty of these buds under a direct light source. The buds are ever so sticky, but you can tell that they have been cured properly with the utmost care. It is also worth mentioning that you probably won’t find a single seed in any of the buds.

Potent Smell

If you like a good potent smelling CBD flower, you are in for quite the treat with Pineberry. The smell is absolutely alluring with a hint of hay, pine, and a little diesel. However, it is the smell of lavender that will keep you coming back to jam your nose in the bag. The smell could be summed up to smelling like pines trees and lavender tea. It is the Linalool terpene that is responsible for the lavender smell. It is there but in small amounts.

The Benefits Of Pineberry

The thing that really makes Pineberry stand out is that it is perfect for a daytime and nighttime smoke. Consuming in the morning or during the day will completely focus your mind and provide you with a mental clarity that cannot be matched. The feeling is similar to that of two cups of coffee, you just won’t be accompanied by the jitters. Consuming at night will produce sedative-like effects that will knock you out cold.

The Unwanted Side Effects

There are some side effects that have been associated with the strain. Some users have reported an upset stomach, digestive problems, throat irritations, and diarrhea when consuming this strain.

Laszlo McCarthy
Worker, father, and long-time advocate of CBD, I am delighted to bring this information to the world. Check back often for all the goings on in the world of CBD flower and the fight to legalize cannabis across the world.

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