Otto Franklin CBD Flower Strain: Benefits And Side Effects

Otto Franklin is a rare hybrid strain with a CBD and THC content of eight percent. As one of the most potent medicinal CBD flowers, Otto Franklin is utilized to treat a variety of conditions. These conditions include everything from chronic pain to mild anxiety. While many people are drawn to Otto Franklin’s health benefits, others prefer it to other strains because of its lemony, woody flavors. Whatever the case may be, this CBD flower is extremely popular among both young and older adults.

Flower Characteristics

Otto Franklin CBD flowers are bright green in color, with small yellowish/green crystal trichomes and hairs that are dark orange. Each bud is filled with lemony, woody flavors that produce a citrusy aroma when burned. These aromas are so potent that they will fill an entire room in a matter of seconds after lighting. While it is generally difficult to differentiate between CBD flowers, you should not have any issues identifying Otto Franklin.


When it comes to CBD flower strains, Otto Franklin stands above many of its competitors. When grown in an organic environment, this strain can provide instant relief for a variety of conditions. Depending on your choice of consumption, it is possible to experience a calming, relaxed feeling within seconds of consumption. To receive immediate results, it is recommended to vape or smoke the flower. The effects include:

  • Improved focus
  • Calmness
  • Elation (happiness)

To receive the maximum effect from Otto Franklin, you may need to wait anywhere from five to 15 minutes after consumption. However, these effects are extraordinary and definitely worth the wait. Depending on what you are utilizing this strain for, it is possible to improve your condition regardless of the preferred method of consumption.

Medicinal Purposes

As mentioned above, Otto Franklin CBD strain is utilized to treat mild anxiety and chronic pain. It is also utilized to reduce inflammation related to arthritis and COPD. However, many people are not aware of the flower’s ability to relieve muscle spasms. These involuntary contractions can come on quick, range from mild to severe and are often associated with injuries. While this condition can prevent athletes and physically active individuals from exercising, it is possible to get immediate relief with Otto Franklin.

Some individuals with depression have also reported relief with Otto Franklin. The strain’s antidepressant properties make it a safer alternative to prescription medications. However, it is not recommended to alternate from prescription anti-depressants to Otto Franklin without a recommendation from a medical doctor.

Side Effects

The side effects of Otto Franklin CBD flower strain are generally very mild. One of the most commonly reported side effects is dry or cotton mouth. This side effect is very common among CBD flowers and can be relieved with oral moisturizing products and sugar-free gum or candy.

Other side effects include hypotension (low blood pressure), lightheadedness, laziness and increased tremors in patients with Parkinson’s disease. The key to keeping these side effects to a minimum is low doses. Chronic users are at a higher risk of experiencing these side effects than users who monitor their doses carefully.

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