Liquid Marijuana Shot Recipe: The Best Weed Drink

Marijuana legalization is without a doubt spreading nationwide. This is especially true in the United States. It seems like more and more states are starting to legalize the power plant. Not only is it medically legal in some states, but also it can even be consumed legally for recreational purposes. With the legality of the substance more and more people are coming up with creative ways to consume the substance. Just look at how the market has already been over saturated with oils and waxes. People are now even making what is known as marijuana shot. That’s right, they are combining their favorite liquors with liquid marijuana.

The Decarboxylation Process

It might sound enticing to mix your favorite liquid beverages with weed, but the first thing you need to know is that the process of turning weed into a liquid might not be a simple as you think. Extracting the THC from the buds can be a bit tricky thanks to the decarboxylation process and solubility factors. However, once you understand a few simple concepts, you shouldn’t have a problem. The decarboxylation is crucial because it turns the non-intoxicating compound THCA into the psychoactive THC.

This allows the end product to offer a variety of different medicinal and psychoactive properties. When you are smoking marijuana the decarboxylation process happens automatically because there is heat being applied to the bud. However, if you just eat a bud, you will not get any psychoactive benefits because the decarboxylation process has not taken place. There was no heat applied to the bud.

How Long It Takes For The Decarboxylation Process

When most people are making alcohol-infused marijuana they tend to bake their bud in the oven in order to jump-start the decarboxylation process. However, when it comes to the decarboxylation process there are a number of factors that can determine how long you need to bake your bud. The optimal temperature and time for the decarboxylation many vary depending on a variety of factors. These factors can include anything from the amount of moisture in your product to how much product you are using and even the type of oven that you are using can play a role. That being said the following recipe will require eight grams of cannabis, which should be baked at 240 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes to an hour.

Cannabis-Infused Rye Whiskey

Out of all the marijuana shot recipes out there, you simply won’t find one more enjoyable or tasty than the rye whiskey. Rye whiskey has a sweet and full-bodied flavor that creates spicy tones. When combined with marijuana it really brings the substance to life and provides a wide range of benefits. In order to make this recipe, you will need one 750 mL bottle of rye whiskey, eight grams of cannabis, a baking tray, sealable one-liter jar, cheesecloth, and a strainer.

  • Step One – To begin you want to cut or grind your weed and place it on a baking tray. You want to set the oven to 240 degrees and let the bud back for approximately 45 minutes.
  • Step Two – While the cannabis is baking you want to pour the whiskey into a sealable one-liter jar.
  • Step Three – Add the cannabis to the jar and agitate it lightly.
  • Step Four – Let the concoction set out of the sun for 48 hours.
  • Step Five – Pour the substance through the cheesecloth and strainer.
  • Step Six – Enjoy the fruits of your labor.
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